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Diogie Duclaw by PumpkinHipHop Diogie Duclaw by PumpkinHipHop
In my slowly ongoing series to draw some of my characters in these full bodied pieces. Seems like it's just dogs though. But don't worry I'll get to other species eventually. X D I have more than just dog characters.

Some of you seemed to really like my secret famous musician when I uploaded him in the past.

His markings and such are supposed to be nondescript, he's supposed to be a mutt. Which is what name he releases his music under. MUTT in all capitols actually.

He's a music genius. He can play just about any instrument. Records and mixes it himself.

As explained. Diogie/MUTT doesn't want his face getting in the way of his music's success or failure. He can't imagine people wanting that face on album covers. Or someone spending money to go see a guy that looks like that in concert. That and he's a simple guy. Studio in his basement, the rest of the house looks like any other house left to a guy by his passed away parents.

His identity is helped kept secret by his manager/agent, who doesn't know what he looks like either. But they know good publicity when they see it, and it seems the talents concealed identity has just made him that much more popular. Despite the rumors he's a duck.

He's got a song on just about anyone's iPawds. (LOL) He's won awards. Grammys. At whom his manager/agent accepted the award in his place.

In his average Joe life he's got a lot of friends that are crazy about MUTT, huge fans. But they have no clue, it's not like he sings around them. He might pick up a guitar and strum along.

When he's with his friends, and they crank up the MUTT and gush at him 'DON'T YOU LIKE MUTT?' he just shrugs his lanky shoulders, smiles and says 'He could be better.'

Hope you dig.
Toxique-Waste Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010
Aww I remember him from quite awhile ago!
It's sweet seeing what his colour and marking scheme looks like.
Even better is knowing about his actual character, I like how he's so plain and simple but has a secret career that is an obvious success.
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October 18, 2010
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